Collection: Archivio virtuale del monastero di San Gregorio Armeno
The virtual archive of San Gregorio Armeno collects 23 of the 518 surviving documents from the archive of the monastery of San Gregorio Armeno in Naples. The original archive, whose first attestation dates back to 991 d. C. and the last dates back to 1717, also included the parchments from the suppressed monasteries, like the documents of Sant'Arcangelo in Baiano that was united to San Gregorio in 1577. The most conspicuous core of the parchment fund is, at the moment, kept at the State Archives of Naples in the San Gregorio Armeno series of fund suppressed religious corporations. A second smaller nucleus is preserved at the Biblioteca della Società Napoletana di Storia Patria, in the series 9 BB IV monasteries S. Gregorio Armeno, S. Arcangelo in Baiano, S. Martino, which has been fully scanned. From this series, photographic reproductions are collected in the collection. This collection is the result of a thesis work in Paleography followed by Prof. Antonella Ambrosio in the framework of the research project co: op (co: op - community as opportunity - the creative archives 'and users' network -2020). This project is active at the Department of Humanities Studies at the University of Naples "Federico II".