Charter: Codex diplomaticus et epistolaris Moraviae, ed. Boczek, 1836 (Google data)  CLIV.
Signature:  CLIV.

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Spitihnèw, dux Boemiae, confer t monasterio in О s (row villam „Trebenycyh"
Source Regest: Codex diplomaticus et epistolaris Moraviae, Nr. CLIV. , S. 165

Current repository
Codex diplomaticus et epistolaris Moraviae, Nr. CLIV. , S. 165



    1055 — 1061.

    Spitigneus, dux Bohemorum, uillam Trebenycyh pro remedio anime sue, suorumque addidit (monasterio s. Joannis in Ostrow); Hercaz etiam quosdam homines, qui ter in anno scutellas et cetera utensilia soluant.

    E diplomate Otakari I. 1205. in archivo T!e h о ne its i — Excusum ia Pi t �? г i Thesauro abscondito p. 151.


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