Collection: Serbian Charters in Archives of Hungary (1411-1481)

Serbian Medieval Documents in Hungarian Archives

Contributed by the Institute of Balkan Studies of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts as part of the European Network on Archival Cooperation (ENArC) project

During the 15th century, Serbian rulers, who at that time bore the title of despot, maintained very close contacts with the Kingdom of Hungary, both as neighbors and as holders of vast estates within Hungary itself. Research through the archives of present-day Hungary has located 22 Serbian royal documents resulting from these contacts – 19, including one with two copies, are housed in the Magyar Országos Levéltár in Budapest, two are at the Hajdú-Bihar Megyei Levéltár in Debrecen, and one at the Pécsi Püspöki Levéltár. They are presented in this collection with names in the following format: yyyymmdd – name of issuer. In cases of documents with identical issue dates and issuers, numbers 1, 2, 3, etc, are added at the end to distinguish them. Copies of the same document are marked by adding letters (A, B, etc). In two cases a question mark has been has been inserted into the name, meaning that the year in which the document was issued is uncertain.


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