Charter: Serbian Medieval Documents in the State Archives of Venice 1345-10-15_cca_Nikola_Buca
Signature: 1345-10-15_cca_Nikola_Buca
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around 15 October 1345,
Nikola Buća, treasurer of King Stefan Dušan, writes to Doge Andrea Dandulo informing him of the King's decision to extend the treaty between Venice and the King's maritime city of Kotor for another two years and to offer help to the Venetians against rebels in Zadar.  

Authentic copy in Venetian register.
Current repository
Venice, Archivio di Stato, Commemorialium 4, fol. 95v, nr. 174

    • Acta archivi veneti I, 46–47, nr. 42; Listine III, 279, nr. 463,

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