Charter: Serbian Medieval Documents in the State Archives of Venice 1407-06-xx_Jelena_Balsic
Signature: 1407-06-xx_Jelena_Balsic
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June 1407, at the seacoast of Bar, by the Željeznica River
Jelena Balšić and her son Balša III Balšić, lord of Zeta, conclude peace with Venetian representatives, naming the Despot of Serbia, count Karlo Topija and lady Mara Branković as guarantors.  

Authentic copy in Venetian register.
Current repository
Venice, Archivio di Stato, Commemorialium 10, fol. 78r-78v, nr. 91

  • Sigillant Jelena and/or Balša III.
  • SealMentioned in text (bullatis et factis presentibus scripturis ac factis sacramentis a partribus). Jelena and/or Balša III.
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      Original dating clauseAnno nativitatis eiusdem millesimo quadringentesimo septimo, mense iunii, indictione prima, ad marithimam Antibari prope flumen Xelesnice.

      • Acta archivi veneti I, 400–405, nr. 237; Listine V, 97–99, nr. 103.

      • at the seacoast of Bar, by the Željeznica River
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