Charter: Serbian Medieval Documents in the State Archives of Venice 1409-10-27_Jelena_Balsic
Signature: 1409-10-27_Jelena_Balsic
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27 October 1409, Venice
Jelena Balšić, representing her son Balša III Balšić, lord of Zeta, concludes a peace treaty with Venice based on the status quo at the time when she left Zeta on her way to Venice.  

Current repository
Venice, Archivio di Stato, Miscellanea atti diplomatici e privati, busta 32, nr. 960.

  • Sigillant Jelena and/or Balša III.
  • SealImpressed seal of green wax, only upper left part preserved. Jelena and/or Balša III.
  • Material: Parchment.
  • Dimensions: 360 x 340 mm
  • Condition: Very good.
    • Graphics: 

      Original dating clauseDatum Venetiis millesimo quadringentesimo nono, indictione tertia, die vigesimo septimo mensis octobris.

      • Glasnik SUD 32, 177–181, nr. 4; Listine VI, 39–41, nr. 33.

      • Venice
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