fondColecția Peceți (1439-1641)

The Collection Peceti I is managed by Medieval Archives, Personal Fonds and Collections Office, National Archives of Romania, in Bucharest. It consists in 314 documents of great formality between the years 1361-1910 which have attached (hanged), as a mean of authentification, different kind of seals. Criteria of making this collection was the presence of the seal and the special conditions requested for preservation. During the time, because of inappropriate conditions of keeping some charters unfortunatelly had been entirely destroyed, but seals have survived. Few were saved by succesfully restoration works.

Most of the documents are charters written in Moldavian and Valahian Chancelleries or in Principality of Transylvania. We can also find diplomas issued by foreign emperors as Charles the VIth, Maximilian the IInd, Ferdinand the Ist, patriarchs of Constantinopol, popes (Pius the VIIth), doge of Venice (Petrus Griman) etc. The Collection contains also few modern diploms (degrees), for example the doctor of chemestry, physics and mineralogy degree of Andrei Babeș (offered in 1876, November 4th by University of Budapest).

Depending on the date and issuer, the Collection has different kind of seals: of wax, protected by a wood/metal case, of lead (so called bulla) and of golden-silver (also called bulla). All documents are written on parchment and have different measures and weight (the haviest seal has 750 grams, hanged on a charter issued by souverain Moise Movila).

All charters are original except one that can be proved as fake documents: charter no. 158 issued by the souverain Petru Rares has a seal which belongs to Petru Schiopu. Also, details regarding the writting and witnesses confirm the falsity of the document.